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Accepting The Blogger Recognition Nomination

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Bed, Breakfast and Breakthrough Part 1

To be continued…


John Kimball

I was inspired to write another back story when I saw the beautiful picture taken and shared by John Kimball . Again, this is a story from my imagination. I’d like to do it differently this time, in segments.   This is Part 1. Part 2 will be in a separate post, to make things easier. I hope you enjoy this, and fall in love again with this beautiful home.

  Truth be told, she never wanted the house to be built, nor did she want to slave away in the kitchen and bedrooms. Cleaning up the mess of others was not her cup of tea, yet still she felt forced to offer Earl Grey, Bavarian Chocolate Orange, and plain Black Pekoe every morning. After a breakfast of buttermilk pancakes and homemade sausage, visitors went their merry way while she cleaned rooms, collecting carelessly discarded trash, smoothing out down-filled…

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I Bring All Back To Me

Another beautiful piece! I will have to read this to my kids for school 😊❤️ Really, it was like I was apart of the water and the wind and more. I really love i



I come in with the wind. In many forms I enter-a mist, when the curtain is stuck to the side. Sometimes I pelt myself in, soaking the curtain and any area I can reach. Sometimes, once inside, I hover invisibly, infiltrating fabric and other porous materials. I help the old paint peel off the walls. I give life to the organisms that need me. I am proud. I am here. I am Water.

  I come in from everywhere. In some cases, I’ve always been here. I have been put here by inhabitants through sweat, dirt on shoes, and the animals they kept. My growing life began as a microorganism, but I grow rapidly now, as there is no one to take me away. I devour almost everything I touch. I am proud. I am here. I am Mold.

  We blew through the window and landed on the bed…

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Me Monday: Childhood Memories

You Said There Would Be Pie

A day late, but not a dollar short!
The other day someone had posted on their Facebook page
I got to thinking about that. I know as time progresses so does everything else. This is what today’s Me Monday is about; three things from my childhood kids today wouldn’t understand.
Number three: 
The telephone.
In my time I have seen:
The Party Line
  Only for a little while when I was very young.
The Pay Phone
  It’s where Clark Kent changed into Superman, right?
The rotary phone
  Nothing like getting that 9 and having to wait for the dial to go back to it’s place.
The wall phone
  with the 25 ft cord where you could stretch it to the next room for privacy
The answering phone
  Never liked that. I don’t like the way I sound on recordings. If there was a power surge…

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Where In The World Wednesday

You Said There Would Be Pie

Fun Day at Sea
Victoria, BC
You know it’s gonna be an off day when you wake up after rolling around your bed, playing bumper cars with yourself while you try to secure open doors, only to find the skies have once again opened and it’s pouring rain and so windy you can’t keep your hat on or your glasses clean. But, then you remember, you are in Alaska! You may never see this again, so take the time to enjoy the rain… er… to enjoy the port, the sites and time to scramble for those last souvenirs we’ve put off getting.
Auntie was so excited that she had seen the “pirates” aka pilots boarding the ship and all the really cool houses on the beach earlier in the morning, she was ready to go, she had just one more charm to get on her bracelet! She HAD to…

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